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  • The cost of one bottle of water from a vending machine is equivalent to the cost of drinking 8 glasses of tap water every day for a year.
  • A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds.
  • The Water Authority maintains almost 1500 miles of drinking water pipes. If you put them end-to-end, they would stretch from Roanoke to Colorado Springs, CO.
  • At one drip per second, a faucet can leak 3,000 gallons of water per year.
  • Water is the only substance naturally found on earth as a solid, liquid and gas.
  • Over 713 gallons of water go into the production of one cotton T-shirt.
  • The Authority’s Water Pollution Control Plant is regarded as one of the best bird-watching areas in the mid-Atlantic region.
  • The Water Authority maintains over 6,000 fire hydrants in our service area. Fire hydrants are connected to the public drinking water distribution lines, so water from a fire hydrant is drinking water.
  • There are over 23,000 manholes in our service area.
  • Carvins Cove Natural Reserve is the second largest municipal park in the United States.
  • The Authority’s Water Pollution Control Plant covers over 100 acres of land.
  • More people in the world have a mobile phone than have a toilet.
  • The Water Authority treats 19-million gallons of drinking water a day although we have the capacity to treat 56-million gallons per day.
  • The Authority’s Water Pollution Control Plant treats almost 37-million gallons of wastewater a day from all across the Roanoke Valley.
  • There are 51 drinking water storage tanks in our service area. They each hold between 500,000 – 2-million gallons of water.
  • Most of the treated drinking water used in a home is for toilet flushing.

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Outreach Programs

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In the classroom:

The Western Virginia Water Authority’s education outreach team is pleased to offer free Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) correlated lessons to students in our service area. During the past school year more than 13,000 students participated in one of our outreach programs.

These experiential programs bring the science and wonder of this important resource home to students through lessons that include topics such as the water cycle, watersheds and the fascinating properties of water. Students in the upper grades learn about watershed protection, GIS mapping and future careers in the water and wastewater industry.

Interested in bringing the Water Authority into your classroom? Fill out an on-line request or Email us to schedule a visit. Check out all of our offerings in our  printable brochure or double-click on the brochure below to view program options.



 We've also added some fun water science lessons on our Pinterest page that we think you might like. 



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Tours of our treatment plants or reservoir:

Tours are offered for students in grades 3 and above as well as for civic and community groups. You will be amazed to learn what goes on behind the faucet as we treat and deliver the highest quality drinking water.

Guest Speakers:

Interested in having a speaker talk to your civic league or community group? We’d be happy to talk to your group about your water source, how we treat your water and improvements we are making to the water and wastewater infrastructure. Contact us at info@westernvawater.org for scheduling and information.