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Did You

  • The cost of one bottle of water from a vending machine is equivalent to the cost of drinking 8 glasses of tap water every day for a year.
  • A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds.
  • The Water Authority maintains almost 1500 miles of drinking water pipes. If you put them end-to-end, they would stretch from Roanoke to Colorado Springs, CO.
  • At one drip per second, a faucet can leak 3,000 gallons of water per year.
  • Water is the only substance naturally found on earth as a solid, liquid and gas.
  • Over 713 gallons of water go into the production of one cotton T-shirt.
  • The Authority’s Water Pollution Control Plant is regarded as one of the best bird-watching areas in the mid-Atlantic region.
  • The Water Authority maintains over 6,000 fire hydrants in our service area. Fire hydrants are connected to the public drinking water distribution lines, so water from a fire hydrant is drinking water.
  • There are over 23,000 manholes in our service area.
  • Carvins Cove Natural Reserve is the second largest municipal park in the United States.
  • The Authority’s Water Pollution Control Plant covers over 100 acres of land.
  • More people in the world have a mobile phone than have a toilet.
  • The Water Authority treats 19-million gallons of drinking water a day although we have the capacity to treat 56-million gallons per day.
  • The Authority’s Water Pollution Control Plant treats almost 37-million gallons of wastewater a day from all across the Roanoke Valley.
  • There are 51 drinking water storage tanks in our service area. They each hold between 500,000 – 2-million gallons of water.
  • Most of the treated drinking water used in a home is for toilet flushing.

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The Western Virginia Water Authority has been recognized locally, across the state and nationally for exceptional management, treatment and outreach.

Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada Certificate of Achievement 
The Western Virginia Water Authority has consistently won this yearly award since forming in 2004. 

2017 Operations Challenge National Champions
The Authority's Operations Challenge Team placed first overall at the National Water Environment Federation Operations Challenge event

2016 Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies Sustainability Award
The Sustainable Water Utility Management Award recognizes water utilities that have made a commitment to management that achieves a balance of innovative and successful efforts in areas of economic, social and environmental endeavors.

2016 Margaret A. Nichols Risk Management Award

2015 American Waterworks Association | Virginia Section 
The Authority was recognized for having the best tasting tap water in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

2013 - 2017 National Association of Clean Water Agencies Platinum Peak Performance Award 
NACWA’s Peak Performance Awards recognize member agency facilities for outstanding compliance of their National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit limits. Platinum Awards honor treatment works that have achieved 100 percent compliance with their NPDES permit for five consecutive years. 

2013 Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies Platinum Award for Exceptional Utility Performance 
The Authority was recognized for innovative water management practices to enhance the well-being and quality of life for our regional community. To qualify for the Platinum Award for Utility Excellence, the Authority had to reach and maintain Gold Award status for three consecutive years and successfully exhibit the Attributes of Effective Utility Management in areas of product quality, customer satisfaction, employee and leadership development, operational optimization, financial viability, infrastructure stability, operational resiliency, community sustainability, water resource adequacy, and stakeholder understanding and support. 

2013 National WEFTEC Operations Challenge • 2nd Place Division II 
The Western Virginia Water Authority’s Blue Ridge Brawlers team won second place overall in five events designed to test the diverse skills required for the operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment facility, collection system and laboratory. The team also won their regional and state qualifying events. 

2013 Virginia School Board Association Business Honor Roll Recipient 
This honor recognizes the Authority’s support for the public school students in our community. The Authority provides free curriculum and field trips focused on our water resources for area students. 

2012 NACWA Platinum Excellence in Management Recognition Award 
This award recognizes public clean water utilities that have implemented and sustained successful programs that address the range of management challenges faced by public clean water utilities in today’s competitive 
environment. The award recognized the Authority for excellence in 15 categories including customer satisfaction, employee and leadership development, infrastructure stability, energy management, financial viability and water quality protection. 

2010 Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies Gold Award for Exceptional Utility Performance 

2009 Water Environment Federation Public Education Award

Virginia Department of Health Awards 
The Spring Hollow Water Treatment Facility received the Silver Water Treatment Plant Performance Award for excellence in filtration and clarification and the Falling Creek Water Treatment Facility received the Bronze Water Treatment Plant Performance Award for excellence in granular media filtration.   The Authority has also received the  Virginia Department of Health Water Fluoridation Award for meeting a number of stringent community water fluoridation requirements .